26 september 2011

I have my second driving lesson in 50 minutes and I have to go into town in 20 minutes and I just got out off bed and I'm gonna hurry to take a shower and blow dry my hair and put on some make up before that..
I know I don't post very often but I really have A LOT too do right now.. But every time the blog hit my thoughts I try to post something , I'm gonna get better at posting :) I don't promise but I'll try ;)

4 september 2011

Dancing in the moonlight

My life got of track for a while again, but now it's about to get back on track.
I've put up a few goals for my life , I need to have goals to get through this..
1. Get my grades up and graduate with good grades
2. Get a job, save up.
3. BE ME!
4. Do a good project with Stina!
5. Save up a lot for the move
6. MOVE!
7. Work, live, have fun! Live love and rock n' roll!
8. Go back to school!
9. What happens happens !

19 augusti 2011

A lack of color

I can't do this anymore!

-live live and rock n roll!

2 augusti 2011

Now I'm on my way in to kristianstad with mom and grandma , were going to the hospital and then the police office :)

-live live and rock n roll!

31 juli 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

Yesterday night me Emilia and Emmy went too a party but went home early and had a movie night, we had a great night! Today we have been laying in bed and the sofa aaaallllll dddaaaayyyy and been eating chips candy and pizza hahah love days like these :))

-live live and rock n roll!

27 juli 2011

Spend 48$ last night at the county fair

I'm on the bus on my way home from work, I'm just going home to get my stuff and change my shirt then I'm driving over to Stina's and then we're going to the fair :D today life is good! :))
C ya l8r ;)

-live live and rock n roll!

25 juli 2011

nothing lasts forever, I'm sorry I can't be perfect

Hey you guys, so, there's so much stuff happening , I just don't find the time to post something here, but I just got my iPhone back (or a new one the other one was so broken it costed more to fix it then to buy a new one) so I'll try to post some more ... But anyways, I've finished working now , for this summer, and Emmy will work the whole summer and Stina starts tomorrow so it's me myself and I the rest of the summer, so I'm gonna clean my room, and really CLEAN and throw a lot of old stuff out , work out and start my new life, I really need to start working out again.. I hate myself for letting it go this far. But now it's 5 am and I really need to go to bed now.. heheh nighty night :)

17 juli 2011


Chillin With Emmy

-live live and rock n roll!

7 juli 2011

damned if I do, damned if I don't.

So a lot of shit happened the past weeks, I haven't had the time to post anything.. But anyhow
this is my life plan right now:

july- work
august - school starts and a new trip to turkey
september - study , family comes to sweden
october - study , study for the drivers license
november - I'm turning 18, party , maybe a trip to turkey
december - christmas , new years eave
january - study
february - study
march - study
april - study
may - internship at the hospital
june - internship and graduation
july - turkey
august - work
september - work
october - work
november - work, I'm turning 19
december - work, christmas , new years eave
january - work
february - work
march - Emmy turns 20 , work
april - MOVE!

If it all will happen according to the plan ? I don't know.
Do I hope it does? HELL YEAH! I hope it all happens faster then the plan!!

19 juni 2011

15 juni 2011

a place for the dead to rest

It just feels like everything is wrong, nothing seems to go the right way, everything is just wrong!
Nobody knows, nobody understands. I hate everything right now! I just wanna get a way ...
Just wanna be somewhere where nobody knows me, somewhere I can live my life, somewhere I
can do whatever I feel like doing. Just for a little time until every thing seems alright again.
I want someone to understand, I hate this. I don't know what to write, I don't know how to explain
these feelings...

13 juni 2011

I'm good at wasting time

So... I didn't post anything while we were in turkey, I just didn't find the time too sit down at the computer, I rather hung out on the beach  ;) This is what we did all week : Woke up, went to the beach, swam in the ocean , got tanned, went home to the hotel, got a shower and got ready for the night, went out had dinner, went shopping and looking around in stores. Thats what we did every day, we went out to the club one night only... It was a good and needed trip! :) I love my friends! We had a good trip and made some good memories ;)

1 juni 2011

May 31st - June 2nd

It's been a long travel to turkey and thefirst day in turkey is done done and done, we've chilled at the beach all day and went too dinner, tomorrow we're chillin' on the beach all day then its shopping and dinner :) Pictures and stuff will be posted later ! :)